3 Best TaoTao Off Road Go Karts for Sale to Carry on Your Kid’s Recreational Activity

Off-road go karts are popular recreational vehicles designed for kids, teens, and adults. There are also cheap Chinese go karts for sale starting with a 50cc engine and going upwards of 1000cc. A good entry-level model can be TaoTao GK8 80cc gas go-kart which is perfect for kids to ride on for the small size and potent enough to maintain the excitement of go-karting. The TaoTao line of off-road go karts for sale are highly safe with a tough design, controls, remote kill switch and a roll bar while the seat is fully adjustable to maintain optimal speeds.

Off Road Go Karts for Sale

There are limitless choices available in TaoTao off road go karts for sale. The engine of top-end models ranges in 110cc, 125cc, 150cc, and 250cc. These off-road go karts for sale include all the regular safety features as the entry-level models but with a reverse transmission, better lighting, and better-performing suspension system. The top of the range 200/250cc TaoTao go karts for sale feature a broad wheelbase with improved off-road capacities to experience the excitement in the desert, beaches, mud area, and more. The highest speeds can go beyond 60 MPH with these off-road go karts for sale which requires thorough riding experience to start on.

Go Karts for Sale

No matter you are looking for a child size go kart to introduce kids to the thrilling world of 4-wheel trekking or seeking for a larger frame vehicle for adults and teens to enjoy off-roading together, there are plenty of options available from a famous Chinese brand – TaoTao. Some of them have a standard look while others look as gorgeous as a car. No doubt you will find them all online. Here, we will discuss 3 best TaoTao off-road go-karts that would surely keep your kid entertained.

Off Road Go Karts for Sale

  1. TaoTao GK80 80CC Go Kart: – If you want your child to enjoy the outdoors in the best possible manner, you can take a try on GK60 80cc go kart from TaoTao. It is a child-size gas go-kart featuring a strong steel frame, automatic transmission, 80cc air-cooled, and four-stroke Li fan engine. What’s more, this “go-kart” does not have complicated operation and is safe enough for off-road riding.
  1. TAOTAO GK110 110CC Youth Go Kart: – The TaoTao GK110 is another model from the same brand offering better safety and control for kids interested in go-karting. It has all the amenities normally found on full-size buggies but is small in size for accommodating kids in particular. With an adjustable seat, this off-road go kart for sale can hit the trails safe and fast.

Off Road Go Karts for Sale

  1. TAOTAO ATK-125A 125CC Go Kart: – If your child finds pleasure hitting the trails and you need nothing but an affordable off-road go-kart to keep up his/her pursuit, the TaoTao ATK 125A go carts may just seem perfect. High in quality but low in price, it has every feature from semi-automatic transmission w/reverse and roof lights to shoulder seat belts to make your child’s drive simple and exciting all the time.

Go Karts for Sale

Affordableatv has a large stock of cheap TaoTao off road go karts for sale that would be a perfect fit for your kids. No matter your child is a beginner or an advanced rider, cheap deals on high-quality buggies and go-karts from TaoTao are waiting for you on this store. To keep your kiddos safe while serving their go-karting needs at the lowest possible investment, call Affordableatv at +1-844-785-7713 to place an order right now!


3 Key Advantages of Chinese Gas Powered Scooters

According to the findings of the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC), China tops the list of gas scooter manufacturers while supplying around 50% of the international customer demands. With cheaper and better quality control it is now manufacturing gas powered scooters to qualify strict US DOT & EPA standards.

Gas Powered Scooters

The Chinese gas scooters are a safe bet. Their quality varies a lot and their manufacturers, even though high in business expertise, are infamously low on business ethics and totally awful when it comes to documentation for informing users. Some of the Chinese gas scooter manufacturers are, however, conscious of this kind of difficulty customers face which is likely to affect their reputation and a few reliable ones such as Taotao and Trail Master are putting in maximum effort to establish credibility in the global market.

Gas Powered Scooters

TAOTAO ATM50-A1 50cc scooters, TAOTAO CY50-A 50cc sports scooters, TAOTAO QUANTUM 150cc scooters and TAOTAO POWERMAX 150cc scooters selling on AffordableATV, have been performing well and have got positive reviews. Similarly, the TRAIL MASTER MILANO 50 stylish design scooter is street legal, comes with kick and electric start. It costs $949.00 while bringing you 1 year 10,000 miles engine warranty from the maker.

Gas Powered Scooters

1. Good Quality

It is widely accepted that Chinese gas powered scooters are not as good in manufacturing as those coming from Japan, Korea and definitely the America and Europe — these vehicles are selling for two to five times lower than the estimated price. But the truth is something different as branded gas scooters contain Chinese made parts. These parts never fail in quality as well as performance – for example screws and bolts used in Vespa scooters who function well for years. Then again, no best selling gas scooters can exist without containing parts from China (including Piaggio, Vespa etc).

Gas Powered Scooters

2. Low Price

The Chinese gas powered scooter models beat all top scooter brands in the price front. There have been complains of, the Chinese scooter companies not living to the expectation of customers. Some of them are still failing to deliver the value for the money spent, specifically failing in the performance. But to be true, the Chinese gas scooters are promoting economical transportation in USA and other countries.

Gas Powered Scooters

3. Spare Parts Availability

Though thought to be not as easily available as the Japanese and European brands, Chinese gas scooter parts can be sourced from its authorized local dealers anytime. With this privilege, the Chinese gas powered scooter repairing or replacement will no more be a problem. The spare parts for different models are now carried by approved dealers to serve the customers on time.  It is recommended to check the inventory of dealers closely or, even inquire about the availability of the desired part while communicating with the dealer online.

Gas Powered Scooters

The Chinese gas powered scooters are no doubt cheaper! They are less likely to have design issues since the time-tested designs of top brands are often tried by the Chinese manufacturers. They tend to excel in features like the speed and comfort, only if you care to take a chance on a dealer who is reliable and quickly service vehicles on demand.

Gas Scooter

Affordableatv.com is an approved dealer of Chinese ATVs, dirt bikes and gas scooters that ride well even for a low purchase price. It stocks Chinese gas powered scooters in stylish and sporty designs which comes in different colors. For getting maximum comfort and fun while riding an affordable gas powered scooter from a Chinese maker, consider checking for models available with AffordableATV at +1-844-785-7713 now!

4 Tips to Buy Cheap Kids ATV for Sale


Do you have children? Do they love adventure? Obviously, you want to give your children the enjoyable and safe opportunities for hands-on learning.  After all, your children must love to go fast and have fun.

Allowing your kids to enjoy the freedom of their own ATV helps them learn the responsibility and gives a way to make the most out of the recreational activities. As a responsible parent, you always know the best, especially when it comes to determining your kid’s abilities.

However, physical and emotional development is the key to letting your kid operate an ATV on your own. An oversize ATV can be hazardous for your kid’s ride and can be dangerous if your kid doesn’t know the importance of safety while operating an ATV.

Want to buy cheap ATVs for sale for your kids? Please check out the below-discussed tips to know how to make a right selection:

1. You need to choose a perfect engine size for your kid.

While considering the purchase of ATV for sale, the size of the vehicle plays a key role. It allows your kid to travel at a pace so that they can easily handle while enjoying the ride. For instance, if you’re a kid of 6 years of age, opt for a small engine ranging from 48cc to 70cc –which will allow your kids to have the best experience without too much power.

In fact, an engine ranges from 70cc to 112cc can be perfect for kids of age 10 and older. As compared to smaller engines, these ATVs can offer older youth more power so that they won’t bored on a low-powered engine.

Atv For Sale

2. You should check the specifications.

Your kid must be able to grip the handlebars and move them all the way to the right and left. They can operate the throttle and brake lever with one hand. If a kid operating an ATV doesn’t fit these specifications, it’s possible that the kid may get injured.

3. You should know your kid’s mentality.

Your kids must be able to grasp the consequences of their actions, know and follow the rules. If they can control a bicycle without any hassle, then be sure that your kids are prepared to ride the ATVs.

4. You should be mindful of the safety.

Though all youth vehicles are designed for children to travel at lower speeds, every child differs in his or her abilities to handle an ATV. But adult supervision is mostly required when a kid below the age of 16 is operating an ATV.

As a parent, you should set up your kids with the suitable safety gear and teach them always ride with safety gear. Moreover, helmets, boots, pants, long sleeves, and gloves should be worn at all the time while riding an ATV.


Now you must have a better idea of how to make your kids ready to ride ATV. It’s time to shop for Chinese kids ATV for sale at Affordable ATV. We provide an extensive selection of cheap ATVs for sale to appeal both adults and kids. For more details about our Chinese ATV for sale, please browse our website at https://www.affordableatv.com/.