3 Key Advantages of Chinese Gas Powered Scooters

According to the findings of the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC), China tops the list of gas scooter manufacturers while supplying around 50% of the international customer demands. With cheaper and better quality control it is now manufacturing gas powered scooters to qualify strict US DOT & EPA standards.

Gas Powered Scooters

The Chinese gas scooters are a safe bet. Their quality varies a lot and their manufacturers, even though high in business expertise, are infamously low on business ethics and totally awful when it comes to documentation for informing users. Some of the Chinese gas scooter manufacturers are, however, conscious of this kind of difficulty customers face which is likely to affect their reputation and a few reliable ones such as Taotao and Trail Master are putting in maximum effort to establish credibility in the global market.

Gas Powered Scooters

TAOTAO ATM50-A1 50cc scooters, TAOTAO CY50-A 50cc sports scooters, TAOTAO QUANTUM 150cc scooters and TAOTAO POWERMAX 150cc scooters selling on AffordableATV, have been performing well and have got positive reviews. Similarly, the TRAIL MASTER MILANO 50 stylish design scooter is street legal, comes with kick and electric start. It costs $949.00 while bringing you 1 year 10,000 miles engine warranty from the maker.

Gas Powered Scooters

1. Good Quality

It is widely accepted that Chinese gas powered scooters are not as good in manufacturing as those coming from Japan, Korea and definitely the America and Europe — these vehicles are selling for two to five times lower than the estimated price. But the truth is something different as branded gas scooters contain Chinese made parts. These parts never fail in quality as well as performance – for example screws and bolts used in Vespa scooters who function well for years. Then again, no best selling gas scooters can exist without containing parts from China (including Piaggio, Vespa etc).

Gas Powered Scooters

2. Low Price

The Chinese gas powered scooter models beat all top scooter brands in the price front. There have been complains of, the Chinese scooter companies not living to the expectation of customers. Some of them are still failing to deliver the value for the money spent, specifically failing in the performance. But to be true, the Chinese gas scooters are promoting economical transportation in USA and other countries.

Gas Powered Scooters

3. Spare Parts Availability

Though thought to be not as easily available as the Japanese and European brands, Chinese gas scooter parts can be sourced from its authorized local dealers anytime. With this privilege, the Chinese gas powered scooter repairing or replacement will no more be a problem. The spare parts for different models are now carried by approved dealers to serve the customers on time.  It is recommended to check the inventory of dealers closely or, even inquire about the availability of the desired part while communicating with the dealer online.

Gas Powered Scooters

The Chinese gas powered scooters are no doubt cheaper! They are less likely to have design issues since the time-tested designs of top brands are often tried by the Chinese manufacturers. They tend to excel in features like the speed and comfort, only if you care to take a chance on a dealer who is reliable and quickly service vehicles on demand.

Gas Scooter

Affordableatv.com is an approved dealer of Chinese ATVs, dirt bikes and gas scooters that ride well even for a low purchase price. It stocks Chinese gas powered scooters in stylish and sporty designs which comes in different colors. For getting maximum comfort and fun while riding an affordable gas powered scooter from a Chinese maker, consider checking for models available with AffordableATV at +1-844-785-7713 now!


4 Reasons Why Families can Find a Perfect Activity in Go Karts for Kids Ride

Go carts represent an exciting option of motorsports which adults and kids enjoy equally. Kids go carts are baby versions which drive fast, ensure great fun and can be operated with small hands and feet. The best go karts for kids are one step nearer to their “dream experience,” and one of the most adventurous kid toys out there. The sharp design makes kids go cart an excellent thing for riding and racing on tracks. If your kiddo insists to have one, there is no reason you can deny him or her.  Excitement instead of concern should be what you feel at the demand of getting a go kart for kid. The powerful driving will come with safety features leaving your kid face little or no disaster. If you are in search of a perfect family activity, you may allow kids to ride go carts in leisure time.

As a parent, you might be skeptical about purchasing a go kart for kids but this item will be no less for a fun activity for your family. Discussed here are a few reasons why you can expect to see your kids having the perfect play time with go karts for kids on sale.

4 Reasons Why Families can Find a Perfect Activity in Go Karts for Kids Ride

1. Fitness

Pedal go carts for kids can be a great workout. It keeps their legs moving and hearts pumping faster. They are less risky than the motorized go karts for kids and can provide the same level of fun. Kids are likely to improve in skills like better reflexes and balance coordination while riding them. These go karts ensure spending family time together outdoors. So, families can find kids go carts to be perfect for mental health and family activity.

2. Ease of Operation

Each go kart for kid varies in its operational ability. Some of the kids may find manually operated controls lot easier while others enjoy controlling the kart with pedals. For younger kids as well as teens, the pedal go karts are the smartest and strongest. Their speed performance is based on their power capacity. Whether it is the operation of the steering or power of pedals in go karts for kids, there is always conveyance of independence in young children.

Go Karts For Kids

3. Money-saving

If your kids have the craze to ride go carts, it is not necessary to take them to recreational tracks more often. With the large scale availability of the Chinese go karts for kids, you can bring a kids go kart to home without spending a lot. In fact you can explore a money saving option for your child than depending on track karts with the added benefit of excitement, strength, and longevity (depending on what you buy).

4. Enjoyable Pastime

If you want your kid to enjoy pastime by himself or herself, go karts for kids can be considered. They have features from cushioned and adjustable seats to suspension for a comfortable riding experience.

All the above described reasons can make families all across the world to find a perfect activity in kids go carts for sale.

Affordableatv.com is a registered dealer of Chinese power-sports including ATVs, trikes, scooters, dirt bikes and go karts. Some of the best quality go karts for kids imported from China are in its stock for delivery on your demand at the lowest possible price. Affordableatv.com makes sure that you continue to enjoy great customer service during and after the purchase. To be able to save a lot on pursuing a family activity, consider ordering a kids go kart with Affordableatv.com at +1-844-785-7713 or via sales@affordableatv.com!

Precautions to Follow While Looking to Ride Off Road Go Karts for Sale

You might be keen to take your kid to the playing field even before he or she can understand pure enthusiasm of riding motorsports (or maybe you want to feel him or her interested in adventurous sports by merely looking at others racing on the same field). For all the parents who need something to let their children explore the adventurous side of life from the very young age, off road go karts for sale are an ideal choice. They do not just result in high amount of adrenaline rush in the body to keep them thrilled throughout, but also make them feel safe when handled right, without getting overwhelmed by the engine power of the vehicle. Be sure to take adequate safety precautions and choose a kid-friendly go-kart for sale.

Go Karts For Sale

Below are mentioned some safety precautions that you need to follow along with a couple of features of off-road go-karts for sale that would put your kid at ease. Searching for such off-road go kart models will be easier as some of them are already available with local dealers.  Take time to find the right vehicle leading ultimately to a family fun day out.

Go Karts For Sale

Precautions to Follow While Looking to Ride an Off Road Go Kart for Sale

1. Check for Safety First

Make sure your kid is ready with all the essential safety gear to keep safe during the ride. Of course, it includes a helmet to protect the head and face. Off-road go karts helmets will serve the purpose they’re normally designed for. However, the face shields are not always part of them so you will have to fetch goggles to protect your kid’s eyes as well.  You can’t ignore the necessity of wearing a perfectly fitting riding suit that ensures the best amount of padding as well as protection. In this way, the risk of loose fit clothing getting caught in the wheels or other parts can be avoided. Due to this reason, you can’t allow scarf or hairs getting stuck in the off-road go karts for sale too. So, take care to tuck in all long strands of hair.

Off Road Go Karts For Sale

2. Upgrade the Go Kart with Additional Safety Features

Upgrading the off-road go kart for sale with additional safety features might also help. Think of putting guards over spinning shafts so that clothing and hair of your kid won’t get entangled in it. You can consider a roll cage as a protective measure against roll-overs.

Off Road Go Karts For Sale

3. Follow Safe Karting Practices

Your younger ones don’t know how fast can run the off road go karts for sale. So, make them wear a seat belt to avoid flying out of a speedily moving go kart, and if possible, don’t let any rider to sit on the lap of the driver, as it may be fatal in the event of a rear end collision. They will have to occupy a separate seat to not to take chances on their safety. You will also have to keep an eye on the vehicle. If it makes a weird noise at the time of starting, don’t skip the maintenance part. As the parent, you’ll have to ensure safety of your child even before he or she starts riding an off-road go kart for sale, avoiding everything that might go wrong due to negligence.

Go Karts For Sale

You are certainly required to find a design for your child that matches his/her age, weight and size, but all the above safety precautions need to be taken care of as well. You should avoid purchasing something too potent and expensive. There are a number of cheap Chinese Off-road go Karts for sale on AffordableATV that we would be perfect for kids. Each of these models will be less challenging, more enjoyable from the moment of riding. To save a lot on cool looking, fast riding, safe feeling Chinese off-road go karts for sale, call AffordableATV on +1-844-785-7713 or send it your order via sales@affordableatv.com!

Gas Powered Go Karts: Experience the Real Thrill of Karting

If you enjoy the fun activity of karting, you might be aware of the effectiveness of the gas go karts for sale that are widely in use for commercial tracks too. On the best side, gas powered go-karts cost less to purchase, drive faster than electric go karts, and assure minimum down time – they have a small gas tank to fill up within little time without the necessity to recharge any electric engine.

Gas Powered Go Karts

What you should know is there are many more reasons why gas powered go karts are preferred over riding electric go karts.  In spite of being two effective options in the power sports world, you can experience a considerable difference the way a gas kart and. electric kart drives, operates and lasts.  With maximum speed of gas go karts going up to 45 miles/hour, you will get chance to test your ability to kart on a two stroke or four stroke engine around an indoor racing track. No doubt, both electric and gas powered go karts offer loads of fun.  However, for karting enthusiasts, there are a few important points as to why; they prefer to ride gas powered go karts for sale!

Go Karts For Sale

The Real Thrill of Racing with Gas Go Karts for Sale

The moment you knock on the gas pedal and get to hear the engines rumbling and roaring hard, you can realize how real a gas powered machine feels to drive. There’s uniqueness in everything from the sound and the vibrations to the smell of a gas powered go kart that can’t be replaced! When you wait to hit the race track, your body starts to shake under the effect of rumbling engine. It confirms that you will have an intense experience of racing on the track. The shaking may continue even when you walk off the track, giving the feel of the vibrating motor on your hands. It becomes difficult to forget the intense thrill of racing.

Gas Go Karts For Sale

Enjoy Racing for Hours

There are many models of gas karts for sale running on gasoline. Meaning the rider can not only taste the real racing thrill but also can speed up for karting without the hassle of recharging. For long hour races, which include numerous laps around the indoor circuit, the gas powered go karts come as a great option. They keep performing on the track continuously for hours.

Gas Powered Go Karts

No Waste of Time in Charging!

The best thing is, you’ll never have to waste your time to plug in the gas go kart for charging in order to continue with the race.  If you don’t want to waste time in charging the go karts and waiting to hit on the track, gas go karts for sale are the ultimate choice.  In comparison to chargeable electric karts the gas go karts are likely to provide the most realistic thrilling experience of racing. These go karts are surely fun to ride. Without the requirement of charging, they allow you to be in an intense racing action for hours without missing time.

Go Karts For Sale

Affordableatv.com is a licensed dealer carrying the best performing gas powered go karts from Chinese brands like TaoTao, RPS and Trail Master to deliver them at the lowest rates to customers. Contact Affordableatv.com via sales@affordableatv.com to place an order for gas powered go kart.  Consider calling it at +1-844-785-7713 with any queries on Chinese gas go karts for sale, or to ask about their pricing, features etc.

Riding Go Karts – Offers Health Benefits besides Fun

Go kart racing offers various health benefits along with fun


Go karts undoubtedly offer a great level of excitement and thrill! Most of us go for it to have fun! But do you know whether you go for electric-powered or gas powered go karts besides fun, go karts racing offer various health benefits as well? Yes you heard it right! Let us find out what all health benefits are associated with this thrilling sport.

Off Road Go Karts

Improves Concentration

While riding go karts you need to concentrate on the road ahead as well as on the work at hand. This helps in improving your concentration power. Along with improved concentration it sharpens your mind and senses!

Off Road Go Karts

Responsible Attitude

Being on go karts mean you are in control of these quad bikes and this control teaches you responsible attitude. It also lets you learn making decisions for yourself well before the problem gets bigger!

Strengthens your Reflexes

The go karts track configuration is designed in such a way that it tests and strengthens your reflexes. Also, your agility improves as you need to control your vehicle while skillfully moving through the twists and turns of the track.

Off Road Go Karts

Skyrocketing Metabolism

The thrill of riding go karts releases your adrenaline hormones which help in dilating blood vessels and increasing oxygen flow to cells and other parts of the body. And all this process helps in sky-rocketing your metabolism!

Stamina and Strength Build Up

During go karts riding the biceps and triceps of your arm get a work out which helps in strengthening and toning of muscles. And the endurance nature of the race improves your stamina!

Hope next time whenever you go for go karts racing, you will surely think of the sport in a healthy way!

Off Road Go Karts


Affordableatv.com is licensed and authorized dealer of best quality off road go karts for sale. To buy your electric powered or gas powered go karts at a competitive price visit https://www.affordableatv.com/go-cart.php